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Most recently I have been on the go more than normal and my husband actually found me a website that has super affordable clothes so I could still shop online! (Such an enabler, right?! :-)) I recently found a great buy on this maxi dress that had such lovely little polka dots. It wasn’t long after I bought this dress that I started looking in my closet and realized- I have started a little polka dot clothing collection! I started thinking back about what exactly started my passion for polka dots. I remember growing up, I almost always had something from a dress to a bikini in this magical print. Considering I love old movies, I also started thinking about some of the leading ladies I may have seen over the years feeding my inspiration. Of course, as I looked into it, I began to envision the infamous dress Julia Roberts wore to the polo match on “Pretty Woman.” She had a hat and a wide belt that made it look so put together. I went back even farther and started to also remember the leotard Audrey Hepburn (my favorite old Hollywood girl!) wore in 1950. Marilyn Monroe even had her own version of the polka dot bikini. (I assure you I never looked as good in mine!). Most sources say the polka dot pattern first became popular in 1926 after Miss America was seen wearing it on a bikini. Given New York Fashion Week this week and Miss America last night, I figured this post is all about right now! Even while looking at my polka dot dress I modeled here, I was wondering who else out there may currently share my passion for polka dots. Imagine my smile when I happened across the pictures from the Fashion Week in Paris showing couture polka dots!! Makes you want to get your own collection going, no? 🙂

My outfit: Dress by Zulily/Sunglasses by Missoni/Shoes by Sketchers/Necklace from St. Lucia Local Market

Some of my faves you can shop now!





J. Crew


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Sabrina: REX USA/Everett Collection

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