A Princess and her Pig…

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The biggest question I always get asked about owning a pig is- what made you get one?! I could come up with a lot of sassy replies such as, it sounded fun, picked her up at the farm, rescued her from your plate etc. but there is actually a better reason than those. The REAL reason is, my husband wanted one his whole life. So for his birthday four years ago, I found him one! I’m sure you have all read about all the people with their lovely piggies and the new trend of miniature ones, and so we also found a mini one.

The first thing to know is, she is a miniature and NOT a pygmy. Those are very small, do not live a long time and cost a ton of money. The 2nd thing is- due to overfeeding, ours turned out bigger than she should have been and has outgrown her parents. Oh, she is still the size of a Bassett hound (strong, stocky, and low to the ground) and probably 40 pounds. The thing was my husband and I were accidently double feeding her first few months as we BOTH fed her on the way to work in the morning. Oops! Well, let’s be honest…a pig will NEVER turn down food and those little piggy eyes staring you down will make you want to feed her everything in sight. My husband says I’m especially soft. She will jump on the couch (YES! JUMP!) and I just let her snuggle up to me the way she wants. Admittedly, I may move around to aid her comfort over mine and even let her get behind my back (Super uncomfortable!) but hey, it’s our fur baby! 🙂

Pigs are vegetarians and she eats miniature pig feed (Mazuri)that we get at the tractor supply store. Her treats are usually our vegetable and fruit leftovers. Apple Cores? Yes! Don’t want the middle of your red bell pepper? Yep! That too. It’s pretty cool not having things go to waste and her getting excited too. We try to keep her away from the carbs as pigs get fat quickly and it’s hard to get it back off. Unfortunately, we both love carbs and she may get a pizza crust from time to time. (Shhhh…don’t tell my hubby!) Somewhat like dogs, she can’t have avocados or chocolate. Pigs are VERY vocal and we can read her grunts about as well as you can a dog’s barks. Her favorite place is next to us and outside rooting some grass or dirt.

If YOU could have pet in the world, what would it be?? I have always wanted a sloth but something about mold that grows on their fur got me outvoted already. 🙂 I would love to have your comments!


Skirt: Forever21/Top: H&M/Bracelet: Michael Kors/Shoes: Mossimo for Target

Meet Midtown MaeBelle


This is our little fur baby MaeBelle.  She is something else!  They say that pigs are some of the smartest pets you could have and I believe it.  She’s a firecracker alright!  My husband says that she’s very “particular” about how she likes things, just like ME 🙂

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