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If there is anything I have noticed about the islands in the Caribbean, they all seem to have their own distinct culture and personalities. Over the years, as my hubby and I travel, we have experienced several places and have loved them all. St. Lucia is where we had our honeymoon and they have the Piton Mountains with black sandy beaches. Next we went to the Dominican Republic which has the bluest water and really great food. Last year was the Bahamas and we came to realize something, we really feel most at home at a smaller resort. While Atlantis was really cool and like living the life of a commercial on TV, it was massive and somewhat impersonal. It would take literally 45 minutes to walk to food, the pool, or from place to place. There is just something about going to a resort where the staff knows your name, and you don’t have to walk three miles to get your food and water. (This is a vacation right?! Not trying to work so hard for my food. :-)) So, enter our decision to go to Jamaica this year! Every year we try to go to a foreign country to celebrate our anniversary and we try to go to a new place we haven’t been. We had actually looked at Jamaica for our honeymoon but decided not to, so it was still a place we had heard great things about. Also, because I am a student again, we needed paradise on a budget! This place seemed to have it all for us. Just a breakdown of places most people go, Kingston is the busy capital with a very city like feel. Ocho Rios is the major tourist area with all the Dolphin tours, zip lines, etc. they have at almost all travel destinations these days. Montego Bay has the “Hip Strip” where you can go shopping and Negril has some of the softest white sand I have ever felt on my feet! Negril is also close to “Rick’s Café” where there are cliff divers and caves you can swim through.

I loved our choice of Montego Bay as it was a quiet, peaceful spot for relaxing. We stayed at the “SeaGarden Beach Resort” and it was the perfect fit for us! When you walk in, they have beautiful stained glass, billowy walkways and a super nice staff, including our favorite Bell hop- Peter. They gave us a room with an amazing view of Montego Bay itself and we were able to watch many a sunset on our own private balcony. Another fun thing about a smaller resort is you get to know other people and make friends. Before we knew it, T-Rex (Terrence) had us line dancing and playing Bingo. They had different acts or entertainment every night. I would say the highlight for me was the Reggae band that performed our last night there in honor of Emancipation Day. The private beach was also one of my favorite things about the resort. You walk escorted across the street and they set up whatever seat you want with a cushion (they let you pick and even move their chairs!) and give you a beach towel as well. The water was crystal clear blue and the sand was super clean and soft. The waves would just roll in and let you soak up the sun all day. I found myself completely relaxed and feeling at home. The resort is privately owned by a Jamaican family and Jeanna was especially nice and made sure our visit was special! My pictures were taken at the private beach and around the resort. Feel free to email me with any questions! I look forward to seeing the beautiful beaches of Jamaica again Mon!!              xoxo, Brooke


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